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The World’s First Luxury Tea Experience in Under a Minute

  • Fast and Easy: Innovative brewer steeps full leaf tea perfectly in under a minute. 
  • Amazing Smooth Flavor: Patented pressure and agitation brewing system results in fewer tannins and no bitter aftertaste.
  • Consistent: Every cup of tea is exactly the same day after day.
  • ​Earth Friendly: Patented re-fillable brewing capsule saves time, money and the earth.
  • More Features​: Open system allows use of your own full leaf tea or tea bag.

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Enjoy a Vacation in a Cup

Subscription Includes

  • Patented Affinitea Brewer
  • ​50 Exotic teas every month in pre-measured portion packs.
  • Beverage recipes for every part of your busy day.
  • ​​Exclusive seasonal tea offerings.
Step 1
Open the portion pack and pour the contents into the Clear-View Re-useable Infusion Brewing Chamber. 
Step 2
Select your consistency settings and start the brewing! Watch the magic as tea leaves dance before your eyes!
Step 3
Enjoy your hand-crafted RTD beverages, while reducing the number of plastic bottles flooding our oceans and landfills. 
Store Bought Tea Bags
Floor Dust
Most store bought tea bags are filled with the lowest quality tea called fannings or the tea that falls to the floor during processing.

Dust Before Brewing

Affinitea Full Leaf Tea
The quality of tea is dictated by the leaf size. The larger the leaf the higher quality the tea. 

Full Leaf Before Brewing

No Comparison
The Affinitea brewing systems is specifically designed to steep high quality full leaf tea in seconds. Opening the leaves up resulting in no bitter aftertaste.

Dust Compared To Full Leaf
After Brewing

Minimalist, Compact & Fits On Your Kitchen Countertop

New Machine Included With Your Ongoing Subscription

  • Benefit: ​Affinitea is designed to fit perfectly on your kitchen counter.
  • Feature: Consistent smooth flavor in every cup.
  • Icon: Sleek, modern design goes with any space.

Affinitea The Ultimate 
Tea Experience

  • 4 pre-programmed temperature settings: better control for each infusion blend.
  • 4 convenient cup sizes: select a 5 oz, 8 oz, 12 oz or 16 oz drink.
  • It’s the fastest and easiest way to steep the brewing process. Hot or Cold!

Easy To Clean

It’s super easy to re-use and quick to cleanup. So you are enjoying more of your day.

Affinitea tea blends brings you health & wellness in every cup. Hot or cold plant based drinks that are being infused with vitamins and minerals.

Affinitea Doing It's Part To Help The Planet

Make your own ready to drink beverages in refillable travel mugs or jars.

Use alternatives to plastic bottles because it takes around 1.5 million barrels of oil every single year to manufacture the bottles.  You can reduce the 20,000 bottles that are bought every second and save some of the 5000 plus beautiful tea gardens through out the world.

Affinitea's Partner Tea Garden New Vithanakande In Sri Lanka (Off The Coast Of India)



Earth Friendly

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